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Latest videos

Head rolls

In this class I teach you how to do proper head rolls, how to protect your body when using them and different ways to add them to your dancing

Cross overs

Continue working on the beginner syllabus. In this class we talk about the importance of crossovers and we learn different variations of them. Also includes exercises to strengthen your crossovers

Crossover combination

In this class we use a combination to play with our timing and work on some strong syncopations. In addition, we’ll work on adding body rolls and hip rolls to our shines.

Combination 8

This combination works on using levels, controlling timing and some pachanga. This combo can be combined as the first half of Combination 9

Combination 9

In this combination we play with body movement, syncopations along with some challenging changes of direction. This combination can be combined as the second part of Combo 8